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Artist Creates Beautifully Vivid Garrus and Mordin Mass Effect Portraits


Artist Creates Beautifully Vivid Garrus and Mordin Mass Effect Portraits

Last month’s release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has drummed up all sorts of emotions from video game fans, as old and new ones alike are experiencing the joys the series has to offer. And while a lot of this enjoyment comes from the solid gameplay and epic story, the true heart of the series will always be its supporting characters.

Regardless of which game you pick, each installment in the trilogy has an amazing group of squadmates, ranging from big dinosaur-like creatures to sentient AI. Of all of those companions, there is no doubt that Garrus and Mordin are among the vast majority of player’s top five favorite personalities, as the Turian is the ultimate bromance/romance and the Salarian is the quirkiest and bravest character in the game.

Twitter artist Tanaleth_tweets took her love for each of those characters and turned them into beautiful art. As you can see in the thread below, the user created some stunning artwork of Garrus and Mordin.

Each portrait features stunning detail, ranging from the wrinkles of Mordin’s skin to the scars and damaged armor Garrus is known for after the events of Mass Effect 2. The artist also has plenty of other pieces of work, including some Fallout 4 content. You can view everything they’ve done via her Twitter or Tumblr pages.

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