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4 Games That Need to Make a Comeback at E3 2021


4 Games That Need to Make a Comeback at E3 2021

Each and every year, E3 offers up a truckload of new game announcements, gameplay trailers, and release dates that send hype levels through the roof for the next 12 months. It’s one of the most exciting weeks in the industry calendar, but for some games, an appearance at E3 is more important than simply bolstering anticipation for their eventual release.

E3 is a platform to put games back on the map. Despite developers’ best efforts to stick to a schedule and release games by set dates, sometimes things happen. Developers leave, visions don’t come to fruition, and performance problems can send games into development hell, and we won’t hear anything from them for years.

For these four games, E3 2021 is the perfect opportunity to remind players that they are, in fact, coming. Perhaps the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S’ enhanced horsepower is enough for developers’ to fully realize their true vision, or staffing issues have been revolved. Or perhaps Miyamoto has finally decided he doesn’t want to toy with my heart anymore (I hope so. Whatever the reason, here are 4 games we’ve love to see show back up and steal the limelight at E3 2021.


Honestly, we’re at the point of completely discounting WiLD as mere vaporware and losing any hope of it ever releasing. The game has been knocking around since 2014, and despite a handful of images released back in April 2020, there haven’t been many promising signs of life since.

Even more damning for WiLD, its lead designer Michel Ancel announced his departure from the industry in September 2020. Despite Ancel claiming that both WiLD and Beyond Good & Evil 2 are in good hands, after seven years in development, it’s understandable some fans have concerns over the former.

Exactly what the cause was for the extended development time remains to be seen, and with no gameplay trailers or in-depth demos in six years, there’s ample reason to wonder exactly what the current state of the game is.

Whether or not we see it show up at E3 2021 will largely depend on whether or not Sony choose to do a showcase in or around the industry event’s weeklong duration. As the game is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it seems this is the most likely place the game would show up.

Perhaps Wild Sheep Studio just needed all the extra horsepower and technical capabilities of the PS5 to realize its true vision for WiLD. We hope so, as it’s had us intrigued ever since its first trailer all those years ago.

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