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6 Things to Do After Beating New Pokemon Snap


6 Things to Do After Beating New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap released this past Friday, and players have been busy snapping photos of their favorite Pokemon and sharing them with the world. If you’ve finished uncovering the mystery of the Lental Region and beat the main story of the game, you may be wondering what you can do next. Fortunately, New Pokemon Snap is packed with plenty of content even after you’ve completed the main story. Whether you prefer snapping photos, editing them, exploring, or competing for high scores, there are extra things to do in the game to keep you busy. Here are five fun things you can do after beating New Pokemon Snap.

Explore New Areas

Things to Do After Beating New Pokemon Snap

new pokemon snap reef evening

After the credits roll and you start up the game again, you’ll get some dialogue explaining that there are even more places opened up now for you to explore. If you’re looking for more things to discover, you’re in luck.

Specifically, Maricopia Reef can now be visited in the evening. This course is beautiful in the evening as the sun is hitting the water, and brand new Pokemon will start appearing there, including some fan favorites.

If you haven’t discovered all four seasons in Elsewhere Forest, this is another great place to discover new secrets. Different Pokemon appear during each season, so you’re sure to find something new each time.

Additionally, new branching paths become available in courses you’ve already visited. Try experimenting with the environment and Pokemon around you as you go through the courses. Don’t forget to upgrade your research level on each course to four (the maximum); this ensures all of the paths and Pokemon can be discovered.

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