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Rainbow Six Siege Players Are Using Mira’s Shield in a Really Clever Way

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Players Are Using Mira’s Shield in a Really Clever Way

Mira has always been a useful Defender when used correctly in Rainbow Six Siege, as her one-way Black Mirror equipment allows the defense to locate enemies through bulletproof glass. As of the latest update, though, players have found a new way to make use of her equipment, especially when used in certain areas.

This strategy has whoever is controlling Mira prop themselves up against the wall with the Black Mirror equipment placed in their hands. If they’re in a good enough spot, the operator essentially becomes camouflaged into the surroundings, with only her head popping up.

While the video may confuse some, as it seems pretty clear that Mira is just standing there with her Black Mirror out, check out the picture down below to see what the attacking side’s perspective looks like.

Rainbow Six Siege
Image Source: SpaceCat6941 via Reddit

Mira’s shield is straight ahead, right above the dresser, making for the perfect camouflage. This strategy obviously leaves the Defender open to a headshot, but if players aren’t paying attention or looking for this strategy, then she can just blend in and swap to her gun when they aren’t looking.

This seems to ring especially true while playing Rainbow Six Siege’s new Apocalypse mode, as deactivating the device is the enemy team’s main focus, causing them to be distracted or to not pay attention to their surroundings.

What do you think of this interesting strategy? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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