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Mass Effect 3: How to Cure the Genophage

Mass Effect 3 How to Cure the Genophage

Mass Effect 3: How to Cure the Genophage

The Genophage is a key bit of lore throughout most of the Mass Effect trilogy, serving as a focal point for many of the conflicts between both main and side characters. In Mass Effect 3 though, it becomes far more than that, as curing it becomes a key factor in your fight against the Reapers. This is probably why you’re trying to figure out how to cure the Genophage in Mass Effect 3, and how you found your way to this guide.

Well, worry not. We’ve got the answers you’re looking for, and we’ve laid them out in a step-by-step process down below.

How to Cure the Genophage in Mass Effect 3

To start, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to have completed any specific actions in the previous Mass Effect titles to cure the Genophage in Mass Effect 3.

The chance to do so will be available to you no matter what choices you’ve made in the past. Likewise, it’ll be possible to develop a cure even if Wrex or Mordin is dead, or if you decided against saving Maelon’s data during Mordin’s Loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2.

As such, you only need to make the correct choices during Mass Effect 3 for the cure to be developed without a hitch.

Primarily, you’ll need to side with Wrex, Eve, and Mordin when the chance presents itself during the main story mission “Priority: Tuchanka.” Refuse the Dalatrass’ offer to sabotage the cure when it’s offered, and tell the Krogans and Mordin about it as soon as possible. This will ensure Mordin delivers the cure via the Shroud, and that the cure is disseminated without complications.

That’s all there is to it really. You won’t need to use any forms of persuasion to get it out as soon as possible, and you’ll be rewarded handily with war assets for curing it. Likewise, you’ll gain a ton of Paragon points for the action, which will go a long way in later decisions that can be altered by Paragon persuasions.

Hopefully this cleared up how to cure the Genphage in Mass Effect 3. For more helpful guides on a variety of topics from the Mass Effect trilogy, be sure to check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide wiki.

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