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Lady Dimitrescu is Getting Really Sick of Her Twitter Phone Memes

lady dimitrescu phone, Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu is Getting Really Sick of Her Twitter Phone Memes

Resident Evil Village has been out for a few weeks now, and fans still can’t get over the game’s tall vampire antagonists, Lady Dimitrescu. Yet, while her height and overall character is still a hot topic of discussion, there is one scene in particular that is resulting in some hilarious Lady Dimitrescu phone memes.

This scene occurs pretty early on in the game, as Ethan Winters not so stealthily hides outside of Lady Dimitrescu’s window while she is on the phone with Mother Miranda. The head vampire of Castle Dimitrescu is clearly annoyed and holding back on the call, as demonstrated by the fact that she throws her dresser all the way across the room after it ends.

Thanks to the community, that annoyance has now been combined with a bunch of other iconic telephone moments across entertainment to make for some great memes. You can see them all for yourself down below.

Have any Lady Dimitrescu phone memes you’ve found that we missed? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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