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Can You Remember Each of These Consoles’ Launch Titles? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Think You Know Every Console's launch titles? Prove it With This Trivia Quiz

Can You Remember Each of These Consoles’ Launch Titles? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Do you remember the launch titles that released at the same time as your favorite consoles? Console launches are an exciting time in gaming, but some are much more memorable than others. In fact, a console’s launch can make or break the system’s reputation depending on what games are released at the start.

If you lived through many of these launches and followed them closely, you should have no problem remembering which games released alongside a given console. Or at least, that’s what you might think before you realize how many day one titles weren’t that memorable.

For the purposes of this quiz, we’re using the United States release dates for each console. Even if the console originally released in a different country, pick the game that you think released alongside the console as a launch title in the USA. The other three options released on the console at a later date.

Now then, let’s see how many console launch titles you remember. Good luck!

Can You Remember Each of These Console’s Launch Titles?

Atari 2600 (September 11, 1977)
Nintendo Entertainment System (October 18, 1985)
Sega Genesis (August 14, 1989)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (August 23, 1991)
PlayStation (September 9, 1995)
Nintendo 64 (September 29, 1996)
Game Boy Color (November 18, 1998)
Sega Dreamcast (September 9, 1999)
PlayStation 2 (October 26, 2000)
GameCube (November 18, 2001)
Xbox (November 15, 2001)
Nintendo DS (November 21, 2004)
Xbox 360 (November 22, 2005)
PlayStation 3 (November 17, 2006)
Wii (November 19, 2006)
Nintendo 3DS (March 27, 2011)
Wii U (November 18, 2012)
Xbox One (November 22, 2013)
Playstation 4 (November 15, 2013)
Nintendo Switch (March 3, 2017)
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