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Outriders: How to Dismantle Weapons & Armor

outriders dismantle weapons armor

Outriders: How to Dismantle Weapons & Armor

As you complete main quests and side missions in Outriders, you’ll slowly acquire a ton of gear. These weapons and armor will sometimes replace your existing loadout, while others will be of no use to you as they’re underpowered, not the right weapon type, or just have bad rolls. In these instances, you’ll want to know how to dismantle in Outriders, so you can clear some space in your inventory.

Dismantling Weapons & Armor in Outriders

To dismantle weapons and armor, simply open up the Hero menu by pressing the View button on Xbox One, or the touchpad on PS4.

From here, you should be on the ‘Inventory’ tab. Now use the left analog stick to select the ‘slot’ that the weapon/ gear belongs to and press A/X.

Now select the item you want to dismantle with the left analog stick and click in the right stick (R3) to select anything you no longer need in your Outriders journey.

Doing so should cause a recycling logo to appear over the item image. You can ‘mark’ multiple items like this at once, so go ahead and mark all items you want to dismantle.

outriders dismantle gear

Once you’re done, simply press and hold Y/ Triangle, and all of the items will be removed from your inventory. The resources you get when you dismantle items can be used in Outriders’ crafting/upgrade system.

What Do You Get for Dismantling Gear?

In return, you’ll get Scrap, Leather, Iron, or Titanium, depending on what rarity the items were that you dismantled.

From our experience, Common and Unusual items dropped Scrap, Rare items dropped Leather or Iron and Epic and Legendary items dropped Titanium when dismantling in Outriders.

That’s everything you need to know on how to dismantle weapons and armor in Outriders. For more tips, tricks and guides, head on over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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