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MLB The Show 21: How to Get Called up in RTTS

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MLB The Show 21: How to Get Called up in RTTS

Road to the Show is once again back as one of the premiere modes in MLB The Show 21. A few of the game’s newer features such as player relationships and rivalries were enhanced this year, but ultimately it should be a very familiar mode with the same main goal: get out of the minors and into a major league lineup. Here are a few tips on how to get called up in RTTS in MLB The Show 21.

Tip 1: Play to Your Strengths

How to Get Called up in RTTS in MLB The Show 21

RTTS in MLB The Show 21 still functions similarly when it comes to getting called up in RTTS. There’s still no button that just instantly transports you to the majors but we do have tips to make the path as short as possible.

As was the case last year, your player will still naturally progress based on how they play in-game. As an example, if you’re hacking away and missing pitches all the time your plate discipline will go down. If you drive some base hits into the gap, you’ll improve your contact, etc.

What’s key is making sure you leverage the strengths and perks of the archetype your Ballplayer to focus on.

So if you want to be a power hitter, make sure you’re playing like one by swinging for extra-base hits so you can increase your stats quicker, and rise up through the minor league system faster.

If you’re struggling or your OVR is stagnating because you’re focusing on the wrong things, it will obviously take longer for you to overtake players that are higher on the depth chart than you. Playing poorly or not playing to your strengths will slow you down for not getting called up in RTTS for MLB The Show 21.

Also, try to make sure you’re picking a position that is in high demand for your team. If you’re trying to gun for Aaron Judge’s spot on the Yankees you might have a hard time with that one since he’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon. Right Brian Cashman?!

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