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Loop Hero: How to Spawn Dark Slimes

loop hero dark slimes

Loop Hero: How to Spawn Dark Slimes

Loop Hero is a new deck-building, rogue-lite RPG that got released on PC a couple weeks ago, and was developed by Four Quarters Team and published by Devolver Digital. The game features a nice variety of enemy types, and there are a ton of resources you’ll have to try to farm in order to fully upgrade your town. Here’s how to spawn Dark Slimes in Loop Hero.

Spawning Dark Slimes in Loop Hero

Dark Slimes, not to be confused with the regular green Slime enemies you encounter during your first loop, are one of the rarest enemies in Loop Hero.

You’ve likely encountered them a couple of times or so if you’ve been playing the game for a while, but trying to spawn them deliberately will require some planning on your part.

The first step is to spawn a Goblin Camp on the map. This can be done by placing a total of 10 Rock or Mountain tiles on the map. Upon placing your 10th card, a Goblin Camp should spawn.

Next, you need to destroy the Goblin Camp just as a new day starts, and a Goblin spawns at the camp and is about to walk out to the adjacent tile. You’ll need an Oblivion card for this, though, so unless you already have one on hand, keep playing until you get one.

Once you get it, make sure to wait for when the new day is just about to start, then Oblivion the camp right when the Goblin is about to walk out. Instead of a Goblin engaging you in battle when you walk past the tile, a Dark Slime will spawn instead.

It’s a lot tougher than regular Slimes, but still pretty easy to take down. It’s also considered a cosmic enemy that has a chance of dropping Time Shards if you’re looking to farm Astral Orbs.

Since spawning Goblin Camps and being able to Oblivion them at the right time isn’t the most consistent thing in the game, you’re better off just sticking to Watcher Mages and Vampire Mages.

It’s definitely still worth fighting a Dark Slime once just for the Encyclopedia entry, though.

That’s all you need to know about how to spawn Dark Slimes in Loop Hero. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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