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Loop Hero: How to Change Classes


Loop Hero: How to Change Classes

Progressing through Loop Hero will require a combination of skill, luck and forward planning to get the perfect build for your playstyle. A large part of that also comes into picking the right class for you. There are three classes in the game — Rogue, Warrior and Necromancer — and once unlocked you can freely change between them. Here’s how to change classes in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero Classes Explained

Each of the three classes in the game offers up a unique playstyle for the loop-based grind.

Rogues are able to dual-wield weapons and are generally better at evading and countering enemies. They’re also far faster at attacking than the Warrior and Necromancer.

The Warrior is better suited for Vampirism and HP regen. Thanks to its ability to constantly restore its health, it’s able to take more hits, making it a good pick for those who like to dive right into the thick of the action.

Finally, the Necromancer is wholly unique in that you don’t really do much of the attacking yourself. Instead, you’ll constantly be summoning skeletons to protect you from enemies and have them do the fighting for you. It’s a fun class to use, but one that will take some getting used to.

How to Change Class in Loop Hero

To change class, you need to select to start an Expedition from your camp. At the very bottom of the Expedition screen, you’ll be able to choose which class you want to play as.

loop hero change class

Simply select the class you want to choose and begin the loop. It’s worth noting that you cannot change class midway through a loop, so if you’re looking to switch it up, make sure you return to camp by hitting the retreat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

That’s everything you need to know on how to change classes in Loop Hero. For more on the game, search for Twinfinite or see more of our Loop Hero coverage below.

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