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Fortnite 15.50 Update Adds New LTMs, Weapon & ‘Large’ Creative Islands

fortnite 15.50 update

Fortnite 15.50 Update Adds New LTMs, Weapon & ‘Large’ Creative Islands

Today’s Fortnite 15.50 update has released, adding in a number of new LTMs set to come to the Battle Royale section of the game over the coming weeks, alongside a new weapon and cosmetics.

The news comes via popular Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey over on Twitter, who has been sharing tidbits of news as they datamine the latest update.

According to iFireMonkey, a number of new LTMs have been added in, including Fluoride — where standing on the ground heals you — Classic Loot — where classic battle royale loot comes to the new island — and Heavy Metal — only Heavy weapon variants can be found in lootboxes.

iFireMonkey also shared news of a new Flight-Knock Pistol, which is capable of dealing 109 damage to the player with its one shot. It takes 2.5 seconds to reload and uses Heavy Bullets. It appears as though the weapon has been added in for the Lazar and Fresh tournament.

The Flight-Knock Pistol looks set to replace the Hand Cannon as that has returned to the Vault after a brief period back in the current pool.

To help players get in the festive spirit, Epic Games has also updated the Egg Launcher. This grenade launcher fires eggs instead of grenades and can deal huge damage. There’s no word on exactly when it’ll go live in the game at this moment in time, but we imagine it’ll be live in the next couple of weeks.

Epic Games has introduced ‘Large Islands’ to Creative which are about 25% larger than the current islands available in the game mode. To be precise, they’re 155×155 tiles.

Finally, you can check out the Fortnite 15.50 patch notes below for all bug fixes:

Fortnite 15.50 Patch Notes

Battle Royale Content Changes:

  • The Hand Cannon heads back to the vault, while another item returns. Spread the news!
  • New Island size in Creative & localized Featured Creative Hub support!

Battle Royale Fixes:

  • Snowy Floppers do not grant Shield or Icy Feet.
    • Sometimes consuming a Snowy Flopper will heal you but not give the icy feet effect.
  • Cars not always dealing damage on impact.
    • Cars do not consistently damage objects or players upon impact.
  • Rift Fish and Jellyfish temporarily disabled.
    • Rift Fish and Jellyfish have been temporarily disabled due to issues, and thus cannot be caught.
  • Total Bars appearing as 0 when loading into a match with high latency.
    • Total Bars may appear as 0 when loading into a match with high latency.
    • Don’t worry: your total collected Bars are still tracked – but collecting Bars in the match where they appear at 0 will not add to your cumulative total.
  • Split Screen “Ready Up!” issue.
    • Players playing in Split Screen may have difficulty playing another match together due to the “Ready Up!” option not working properly.

Mobile Fixes:

  • Cannot start or switch to Creative Mode.
    • We’re investigating an issue that is causing some players to be unable to change to creative mode.

Fortnite’s 15.50 update is available on all platforms today, March 2. You can check out our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 wiki for tips on completing any outstanding challenges you may have.

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