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FFXI Odyssey Guide: Sheol A,B,C Explained


FFXI Odyssey Guide: Sheol A,B,C Explained

Odyssey is the most recent major battle content to be added in Final Fantasy XI. In Odyssey, you’ll be returning to new areas of Walk of Echoes to farm segments, lustreless items, Sheol Gaol items, and RP. At its core, it’s a simple event, but there are a lot of moving parts. With that, we hope this guide on FFXI’s Odyssey event can be of some service.

We’ll explain the three different Sheols (A, B, & C), how they all work, and what the general farming loop should be for both inexperienced and experienced players.

Before starting: This guide is meant to give you a primer for what the event is, the basics on how it works, and some direction on what the point of it is, as FFXI doesn’t do a great job of explaining all this in-game. This guide is not meant to be an in-depth breakdown of everything that exists in Odyssey.

We recommend visiting the BG Wiki page for Odyssey for a more in-depth breakdown of everything there is to know about Odyssey. There’s a lot going on and it may be helpful to get a quick idea from reading this guide, trying it out for yourself, and then visiting the BG Wiki page to start picking up the finer details.

FFXI Odyssey Guide: The Basics

FFXI odyssey guide

Odyssey is an event that can be accessed via a ??? near a Vertical Conflux found in the town of Rabao. After speaking to the Pilgrim Moogle a bit, you’ll eventually have the ability to get a Moglophone.

Moglophones allow you to enter Sheol A, the first area of Odyssey, and eventually Sheol B and C as well. You can get a new Moglophone every 20 hours.

The maximum amount of Moglophones you can hold in reserve is two. The Pilgrim Moogle will only carry one for you. However, if you receive one from it, in 20 hours it will build up another charge that can be picked up from the Pilgrim Moogle at the ??? once you’ve burned the one in your possession.

You can bring up to six players with you into Sheol A, B, and C, but if you’re playing with less than that, you can summon trusts in to fill out the rest of your party.

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