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Bravely Default 2: Best Weapons for Each Type

bravely default 2 best weapons

Bravely Default 2: Best Weapons for Each Type

Developed by Claytechworks and published by Square Enix, Bravely Default 2 is the latest JRPG that’s been released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It features a classic turn-based combat system, but with a unique twist where characters and Brave and Default to take multiple actions in one go. Here’s our take on the best weapons you can get in Bravely Default 2.

Best Weapons in Bravely Default 2

There are a total of six weapon types available in Bravely Default 2, not counting shields, and you can bet that there are a few weapons in each category that stand out above the rest. Most of them can be bought from merchants as you visit more towns, but a small handful have to be obtained from chests.


Angel’s Bow

  • Obtained from the shop at Wiswald
  • “A lightweight bow that benefits from an angel’s blessing.”

Starting off with an easy category, the Angel’s Bow is easily one of, if not the best bow you can get in Bravely Default 2. The weight is a little on the heavier side, with a stat of 16, but it makes up for it with good physical and magical attack, as well as the additional Charm effect.

Charm won’t work quite as well on bosses or major enemies, but it’s very effective against mobs.

Swords – Best Weapons in Bravely Default 2


  • Obtained from the shop at Rimedhal or as a drop from Mushussu
  • “A broad blade that excels at parrying enemy blows.”

The Defender has one of the highest physical attack stats among all the swords in Bravely Default 2, and it’s a great pick for any character using the Swordmaster class. Either Swordmaster stance will work well with the Defender, especially if you’re planning on making use of Counters regularly in battle.

Bulwark Blade

  • Obtained from a chest in the Underground Reservoir.
  • “A sturdy blade designed to blunt the blows of the wielder’s foes.”

Unlike the Defender, the Bulwark Blade is meant to be used as a defensive tool rather than an offensive one. It gives you better defense, and is best used on a character with the Shieldmaster job.


Crimson Spear

  • Obtained from the shop at Wiswald.
  • “A battle lance whose blood red hue serves as a reminder of its wielder’s martial exploits.”

The Crimson Spear is easily the best spear type weapon you can get by the time you reach the mid-game portion of Bravely Default 2. It has great accuracy and physical attack stats, which more than makes up for the decrease in speed.

It’s perfect for the Beastmaster job if you’re opting to go for the spear route instead of the bow, and is also handy for the Dragoon if you’re not planning on using much magic.

Axes – Best Weapons in Bravely Default 2

Mythril Axe

  • Obtained from the shop at Savalon.
  • “An axe forged from a rare material.”

The Mythril Axe isn’t exactly the most powerful axe you can get in Bravely Default 2, and it certainly is weaker than the Hawkeye, but it makes up for it with higher physical defense, accuracy, and resistance power. It’s a good defensive option that you can put on the Vanguard if you’re looking for a tank job.


  • Obtained from the shop at Wiswald, or from a chest in Bernard’s mansion.
  • “A single-edged axe optimized for battle.”

On the flip side, the Hawkeye is a great offensive axe that would be perfect for the Berserker. It’s heavier, but it’s focused on physical damage and has a slightly higher crit rate as well.


Rune Staff

  • Obtained from the shop at Wiswald.
  • “A wand engraved with ancient symbols that’s capable of leaving enemies speechless.”

The Rune Staff boasts a pretty good magical attack stat with high resistance power, and it also has a rather high physical attack as well, which you wouldn’t normally expect from a stave type weapon. The reason why the physical attack stat is important, though, is because it has a chance of inflicting Silence on an enemy, which is very useful against regular mobs.

Oak Staff

  • Obtained from a chest in Hydrangea Hills.
  • “A staff carved from the trunk of a mighty tree.”

One of the best staves in the game, the Oak Staff has a very high magical attack stat, which makes it best suited for the Black Mage job. It doesn’t have the added versatility of inflicting Silence on enemies like the Rune Staff does, but if you’re just looking for raw magical damage output, this is the way to go.

Daggers – Best Weapons in Bravely Default 2

Magic Knife

  • Obtained from the shop at Wiswald.
  • “A dagger imbued with enchantments.”

The Magic Knife isn’t the most powerful dagger in Bravely Default 2, but it is the perfect hybrid weapon for the Red Mage. It’s evenly split between its physical and magical attack stats, and it also raise your max MP by quite a bit. If you’re planning on using Red Mage as a main job on a character, the Magic Knife is worth looking into.

Orichal Dagger

  • Obtained from the shop at Wiswald.
  • “A knife forged from a very rare material.”

On the other hand, the Orichal Dagger has a higher physical attack stat with better accuracy, ccrit rate, and resistance power. It won’t pair well with your magic classes, but it’ll be good on physical damage-based classes like the Thief.

And that does it for our picks for the best weapons in Bravely Default 2. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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