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Apex Legends: All Town Takeovers & Where to Find Them

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Apex Legends: All Town Takeovers & Where to Find Them

Since the start of Apex Legends over two years ago there have been many map changes done in order to keep the game fresh. Some of these changes are done by the Legends themselves and are known as Town Takeovers. Below is a list of every town takeover in Apex Legends, their location, and what makes them so unique.

Octane’s Gauntlet

All Town Takeovers Apex Legends

all town takeovers apex legends

Octane’s Gauntlet is located on King’s Canyon just across the crater from Salvage. The Gauntlet was the first takeover added to Apex Legends and, luckily, survived the destruction of Skull Town and Thunderdome. Octane’s Gauntlet is a large area covered with jump pads that work the same as Octane’s ultimate ability.

This location is a fast-paced area where movement is key to staying alive in a fight. For the more daring challengers, there is a flaming ring in the middle of the Gauntlet that normally carries a high-tier item for whoever can reach it first.

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