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5 Anime Like Darling in the Franxx If You’re Looking for Something Similar

darling in the franxx

5 Anime Like Darling in the Franxx If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Ever since it debuted in 2018, Darling in the Franxx has won the hearts of many anime fans thanks to its bombastic visuals and over-the-top action. Since it is only 24 episodes, though, many are likely craving more of that fun action.

To help you fill that void, we’ve created a list of shows that encapsulate the show’s style, plot, and overall rebellious spirit. Here are five anime like Darling in the Franxx if you’re looking for something similar.

(Featured image source: Trigger & Crunchyroll)

Gurren Lagann

Anime Like Darling in the Franxx

darling in the franxx
Image Source: Gainax & Netflix

If you’re looking for big mecha battles and main characters that are out to prove themselves to the world, look no further than Gurren Lagaan. 

Set in a future where humanity has been pushed underground by a tyrant known as the Spiral King, this anime follows two teenagers, Simon and Kamina, whose sole goal in life is to reach the surface. 

That dream becomes a reality when the two stumble upon an ancient mecha known as Lagann. What follows is an amazing story fueled by action, drama, and a drive to survive. 

On top of a similar core concept, Darling in the Franxx fans will also likely love this show, as its success is what led to the creation of Studio Trigger, aka the team behind Darling in the Franxx. Each show boasts awesome and unique mech designs and some of the flashiest animations you’ll see in the robot fighting genre.

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