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Little Nightmares 2: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer? Answered

little nightmares 2 co-op multiplayer

Little Nightmares 2: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer? Answered

Little Nightmares 2 has finally arrived from Tarsier Studios. The title follows the story of Mono, a young boy who finds himself trapped in a world distorted by the humming transmission of a distant tower. Not long into your journey, Mono will bump into — and rescue — Six, the protagonist from the first game. As such, some players may be wondering if there is co-op multiplayer in Little Nightmares 2, given Mono and Six have to work together to solve the various puzzles that block their path.

Does Little Nightmares 2 Have Co-Op Multiplayer? Answered

Unfortunately, no, Little Nightmares 2 doesn’t have co-op multiplayer.

This may come as a surprise to some players, as the game does feature two characters working together to solve environmental puzzles and try and escape the nightmarish world.

However, it appears as though the developer has instead opted to keep Little Nightmares 2 a single-player experience. In Twinfinite’s recent interview with Little Nightmares 2 producer Lucas Roussel, it was explained that while the team considered co-op during the early stages of development, it ultimately decided that “from a pure story perspective, (the team) decided this game was supposed to be a single-player experience.”

As such, if you were hoping on experiencing all the creepy, nightmare fuel characters of Little Nightmares 2 with a friend by your side, controlling Six, you’ll be a little disappointed.

That being said, we still loved Little Nightmares 2 as a solo experience, praising its challenging puzzles, chillingly beautiful settings, and some truly terrifying enemies to encounter along the way.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not there is co-op multiplayer in Little Nightmares 2. For more on the game, head on over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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