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Dead Cells Fatal Falls: How to Access All Three New Biomes

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls New Biomes

Dead Cells Fatal Falls: How to Access All Three New Biomes

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls is the latest DLC expansion for the popular rogue-lite, adding new items, enemies, traps, bosses, and of course, new biomes to explore. Here is how you can access all three of Fatal Falls’ new locations.

All New Biomes and Locations in Dead Cells Fatal Falls

Fractured Shrines

Fractured Shrines is the first of the three new biomes added in by the DLC and perhaps the easiest to gain access to.

The Fatal Falls DLC is meant to bolster the game’s mid-section, offering new routes to spice up the middle of your runs. So, it only makes sense that the first new biome is available immediately following your first boss fight.

Regardless of whether you fight the Concierge in the Black Bridge or Mama Tick in The Nest, you will end up in the same in-between area after defeating the boss.

From here, all you have to do is take the elevator up and you’ll find the doorway to Fractured Shrines waiting for you.

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls New Biomes

Undying Shores

Accessing Undying Shores is a little bit trickier than accessing Fractured Shrines.

While exploring Fractured Shrines, you will eventually come across a doorway being guarded by two stone statues wielding spears. You’ll notice the statues are wearing cultist outfits.

Continue exploring the level until you come across a dead cultist laying on the ground.

Once you find the cultist, use the posession ability to “leave” your body and to possess the dead cultist. This will allow you to don on the cultist outfit for the rest of your run –it’ll also unlock the outfit as a blueprint which can be purchased for a single cell from the Collector.

Now that you’re wearing the cultist outfit, head back to the guarded doorway and the statues will move out of your way, allowing you to access Undying Shores.

Keep in mind, Fractured Shrines also has a secret area hidden within it. In this area you can find the skill summon, Serenade –so make sure to keep an eye out for that before heading into Undying Shores.

The Mausoleum

The third and final new biome in Dead Cells Fatal Falls is the Mausoleum.

Getting to it is pretty straight forward as its just located at the end of the Undying Shores, and requires no special requirements to access.

The level is extremely linear so you really can’t miss it, but still be careful getting through the level as it can be pretty difficult if you aren’t used to playing through Dead Cells mid-game section –especially on higher boss cells.

You’ll find the doorway on the very bottom right of Undying Shores’ map –as shown in the picture below.

That’s all you need to know about how to access all the new biomes in Dead Cells Fatal Falls. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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