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The Medium: Butterfly Puzzle Combination (Red House)

The Medium Butterfly Puzzle Guide

The Medium: Butterfly Puzzle Combination (Red House)

After putting an end to the Hound in the spirit world, Marianne will be free to explore the inside of the Red House that Sadness told her to seek out. Once inside, you’ll use a doll house and a toy mirror to determine which room the mirror in the real Red House takes you to. It sounds complicated, but once you’re there you’ll know what we mean. In one of the bedrooms you visit, you’ll find a number of missing model butterflies at the foot of the bed. In this guide, we’ll talk you through The Medium’s Butterfly puzzle combination so you can open up the chest and find what’s inside.

What the Butterfly Puzzle Combination Is in The Medium

To cut right to the chase, you want to put the colored model butterflies you find around the Red House in the following order:

  • Red, Yellow, White, Blue

You can actually find a hint to this in the downstairs of the Red House, as there’s a plaque of sorts of the same butterfly pattern. Inspecting it reveals the Red and Yellow butterflies go in the first and second slots, but the other two remain a mystery.

It doesn’t take too long once you’ve found this to do a quick bit of trial and error, but to save you having to pop them in, take them out if you get them wrong, and then put them back in the correct order, you can simply use the solution provided above.

Once the butterflies are in the correct order, the chest will open up and you’ll find the third and final one of the children’s masks inside. Now you can take this with the other two you find around the house to the other bedroom and place them on the dolls with the missing faces in the corner of the room to advance the story.

That’s everything you need to know to solve the butterfly puzzle in The Medium’s Red House. For more on the latest spooky title from Bloober Team, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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