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Hitman 3: How to Accuse Emma

hitman 3 accuse emma

Hitman 3: How to Accuse Emma

During the murder mystery mission story in Hitman 3‘s Dartmoor level, you’ll be trying to work out who killed Zachary so that you can get close enough to Alexa Carlisle to take her out. While you can accuse multiple different people, depending on the clues you find, it’s actually Emma who did the killing and you can prove it. If you want to be the perfect detective, here’s everything you need to know about how to accuse Emma in Hitman 3.

You might also know that you can accuse Mr. Fenersby if you find all the clues in his office, or even suggest that Zachary killed himself if you get the cane from Emma and Gregory’s room and open the secret switches around the Dartmoor mansion. However, you can accuse Emma if you find the right clues.

How to Accuse Emma in Hitman 3

First of all, you’ll want to disqualify some of the other characters. By speaking to all of the family members, you’ll learn that Gregory and Edward went to a hotel and pub the night before, so it couldn’t be them who killed Zachary.

Then, if you go to Rebecca’s room and look at her computer you’ll learn that she was busy with work when Zachary died. And, by speaking to Rosie in the kitchen area, you’ll confirm that she was with Patrick all evening, giving him an alibi.

Now, once you’ve spoken to everyone and combed the three bedrooms for clues, you’ll need to find a crowbar (or lockpick if you have access to one) and head to the greenhouse. If you’re looking for a crowbar, there’s one by the delivery vans just to the right side of the house if you’re looking towards the front door.

Inside the greenhouse, you’ll be able to analyse the book by the chemistry set with you camera and realise that Emma was planning on killing Alexa next, having already killed Zachary. While you can still accuse Zachary or Mr. Fenersby, this discovery allows you to accuse Emma if you want to.

hitman 3 accuse emma

Now, head to Mr. Fenersby to tell him you have the evidence you need and he’ll take you to Alexa’s office on the top floor of the Dartmoor mansion.

Then, after a short conversation, you’ll be able to select an option that simply says “accuse Emma” and you’ll be able to try and get the case file you’re also after from there.

hitman 3 accuse emma

That’s everything you need to know about how to accuse Emma in Hitman 3. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide or search for Twinfinite.

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