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Xbox Series X: How to Check Serial Number

serial number xbox series x

Xbox Series X: How to Check Serial Number

The Xbox Series X is finally here and gamers that have been looking forward to the next generation of home consoles have some worthy ones to consider this year. After 2020, we all deserve it. If you’re here, though, you’ve probably already made your choice and for one reason or another, are wondering how to check the serial number on your Xbox Series X. You have two options, and here are them both.

How to Check Serial Number on Your Xbox Series X

1. Check the Code on the Back

Your first option for checking the serial number of the Xbox Series X is to go and check the sticker on the back of your console which has the serial number.

If you stand your Xbox Series X up and look at the back of it, you’ll see a sticker that roughly 3/4 black and 1/4 grey.

On the grey part of the sticker, you’ll see a bunch of information and numbers along a few lines. What you want is the serial number obviously, and that’s the string of numbers that are marked with an SN. Grab a magnifying glass and jot that down.

2. System Settings

The less traditional, but arguably easier way as long as you can remember where to find it (or have this super helpful guide), is to dig for the serial number in the system settings.

First, open up Settings, and then navigate over to System. From System go into Console Info and there, low and behold, you’ll find the serial number for your Xbox Series X. Simple as that.

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to Check the Serial Number on Xbox Series X

  1. Check for the number marked SN: on the back of the console

  2. Check in Console Info within the System Settings

That’s all you need to know about the various ways to check for your serial number on your Xbox Series X. Below you can check out some more helpful Xbox Series X guides to help you get started with your new next-gen console!

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