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Watch Dogs Legion Main Missions List

Watch dogs legion main missions

Watch Dogs Legion Main Missions List

This guide will run you through all of the Watch Dogs Legion main missions, so you can track your progress as you play and know how much long you’ve got left until you roll those credits.

There’s a total of 37 missions in Watch Dogs Legion, split across eight chapters and its prologue. These eight chapters are as follows:

  • Squad Goals
  • Body Snatchers
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Family Business
  • Spy Games
  • Down the Darkweb
  • True Colors
  • London Rising

You can find the complete list of missions below.

All Main Missions in Watch Dogs Legion

  • Operation Westminster
  • Restart DedSec
  • Light a Spark
  • Clarion Call
  • Reporting for Duty
  • Digging Up the Past
  • Lost in the Process
  • Clan Kelley’s New Export
  • Bloody Mary Kelley
  • Gap in the Armour
  • Inside Albion
  • Recruit an Albion Guard
  • Stealing Schemes
  • In the Belly of the Beast
  • Initiate Sequence
  • 404 Not Found
  • Coming Home
  • Into the Voice
  • The Whistleblower
  • Espionage 101
  • Honey Trap
  • Hunting Zero Day
  • Smoking Gun
  • Kill Box
  • The Malik Dossier
  • Barbarians at the Gate
  • Crashing the Auction
  • Market Closing
  • Falling From Grace
  • Restoking the Fire
  • Nigel’s Close Shave
  • Defanging the Flock
  • Justice4Claire
  • London’s Prospectors
  • DedSec Party
  • The Face of the Enemy
  • Hard Reset

It’s worth pointing out that there are some side missions to complete in Watch Dogs Legion, and you’ll also have the various ‘liberation’ activities to do in each of London’s boroughs. Completing these will liberate the borough and unlock you a special recruitable NPC, who tend to have even better abilities than your run-of-the-mill member of the public.

That’s everything you need to know on the Watch Dogs Legion main missions list. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head on over to our guide wiki.

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