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Trails of Cold Steel 4: Rosenberg Roundup Quest Guide

Trails of Cold Steel Rosenberg Roundup Quest Guide

Trails of Cold Steel 4: Rosenberg Roundup Quest Guide

Once again in Trails of Cold Steel 4 you are tasked with following vague clues in a quest, which has the possibility to stump casual players who don’t know the map and locations. This should help. Here’s a guide for the Rosenberg Roundup quest in Trails of Cold Steel 4.

Trails of Cold Steel 4 Rosenberg Roundup Quest Guide

The date is 8/24 and you have been handed another set of quests, two semi-required and one optional.

Rosenberg Roundup has a slightly indirect requirement in that the quest notice says “if possible, I want to place it in the hands of a Crossbell native,” meaning Juna will have to be in the party the whole way through.

Once you have your party all situated with Juna included, head to Hotel Augusta in Saint-Ark’s Cathedra Square (under the Sutherland tab in the fast travel menu).

Once inside, head upstairs to the left and go into the second door on the right. Lady Rimbella will give you the further quest details and hand you the first clue from Phantom Thief B.

It reads:

“In the old town, there are a pair of close siblings. Check the top floor of their dwelling.”

Travel to Kai & Tilia’s Home in Alster (under the West Lemare tab). Once inside, go upstairs and the objective will be on the floor past the two beds.

After a short dialogue you will receive the doll Char and be given the next clue, which says:

“A road to a village that vanished from the map. Explore the garden of consolation.”

Once you are back in control of the party, journey to Hamel Village Ruins inside the Parm Byroad (Sutherland tab). Once you load in, take the exit out to Hamel Road 2 and follow the road up to the green exclamation mark on the map. The objective will be past the fishing spot tucked inside a large cluster of black Pleroma grass.

Once you have gotten the doll, Kanan, the next clue will tell you:

“The depths of beginnings in the shadows of the flame’s trial.”

Do you remember running through the Saint-Gral labyrinth in the beginning of the game? You’ll want to head back there, it’s located in the Eerie Woods (Sutherland Tab).

You’ll want to reset the labyrinth to Phase 1, and then fast travel to the Phase 1 – Depths once you are inside. Use the TERMINAL once inside as there is a fight coming. The objective will be right where you originally fought the boss, run up the stairs to collect the Alice doll.

After brief dialogue there will be a fight, but it shouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge.

Once the fight is over and you have finished the scene, Rosenberg Roundup will be completed.

If you’d like a quick step-by-step breakdown of the Rosenberg Roundup quest in Trails of Cold Steel 4:

  1. Visit the Hotel Augusta in Saint-Arkh – Cathedral Square.

  2. Speak to Lady Rimbella on the stairs to the left, in the second room on the right.

  3. Visit Kai and Tilia’s Home in Aster. You’ll find the objective upstairs on the other side of the beds.

  4. Head to Hamel Village Ruins and take the exit behind you when you spawn into Hamel Road 2, follow the road to a the objective surrounded by black Pleroma grass.

  5. Travel to the Saint-Gral Labyrinth – Entrance and set it to Phase 1. Fast travel to Phase 1 – Depths once you are inside.

  6. After a short fight and a scene, you will have completed the Rosenberg Roundup quest.

That’s everything you need to know for this guide on the Rosenberg Roundup quest in Trails of Cold Steel 4.

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