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Little Hope Trophies & Achievements List

Little hopes trophies and achievements

Little Hope Trophies & Achievements List

The Dark Pictures Anthology is back with another narrative-driven adventure, Little Hope. Following on from last year’s spooky adventure out on the high seas in Man of Medan, the latest entry sees a number of college students stranded in the creepy town of Little Hope, a locale with a notorious history of witch hunting in the 17th century. Will they all make it out alive, or perish amidst the spooky goings on? It’s all down to you. If you’re looking to get all 1000 Gamerscore or the Platinum trophy, then you’ll probably be wondering what the Little Hope trophies and achievements list looks like. Here’s everything you need to know.

All Trophies/ Achievements in Little Hope

There are 31 trophies in Little Hope, and 30 achievements on the Xbox One. The additional trophy is the Platinum trophy players will earn for unlocking the other 30 trophies. You can check out the trophy and achievement list, complete with description, trophy rarity and Gamerscore value below.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Trophies & Achievements List
Trophy/ Achievement NameDescriptionTrophy RarityGamerscore Value
There Is HopeCollect All TrophiesPlatinumN/A
Dirty Little SecretsFound all witchcraft secretsBronze10G
So Much DeathCompleted the prologueBronze10G
Coven of WitchesFinished Movie NightBronze20G
On a RollCompleted 5 combat events in successionBronze10G
Rational MindRational was one of top two traits for JohnBronze10G
Amiable CharacterAmiable was one of top two traits for DanielBronze10G
Compassionate SoulCompassionate was one of top two traits for AndrewBronze10G
Headstrong HeroineHeadstrong was one of top two traits for TaylorBronze10G
Deeper UnderstandingUnderstanding was one of top two traits for AngelaBronze10G
Instinctive ReactionChose all of the Heart decisionsBronze10G
Considered OpinionChose all of the Head decisionsBronze10G
Deathly VisionsFound all of the black framed picturesSilver50G
Glimmer of HopeFound all of the white framed picturesSilver50G
Full CircleComplete the Solo StoryGold50G
Secrets Too DarkFound all family secretsGold100G
A Complete PicturesFound all picturesGold100G
That Dream Is Your EnemyNo-one survivedGold100G
Fate Worse Than DeathAndrew was saved from himselfGold100G

There are some additional ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’ achievements and trophies in Little Hope. We’ve listed these separately below, so if you’re looking to enjoy the game spoiler-free, you may want to turn back now.

Little Hope Secret Trophies & Achievements
Achievement/ Trophy NameDescriptionTrophy RarityGamerscore Value
Our Own DemonsDefeat Taylor’s demonsBronze10G
ForgivenessMary must be savedGold20G
UnbrokenDaniel must surviveBronze10G
Free SpiritTaylor must surviveBronze10G
We Are of WaterAngela must surviveBronze10G
Strength from WithinAndrew must surviveBronze10G
Heavy BurdenJohn must surviveBronze10G
No Escaping FateEveryone must die at the ruined houseSilver50G
SalvationEveryone must surviveSilver50G
The Odd CoupleMaximize Angela and John’s relationshipSilver50G
Solid As a RockMaximize Daniel and Taylor’s relationshipSilver50G
All Together NowAndrew must have a good relationship with all charactersSilver50G

Keep in mind that you’ll need to play through the game at least twice in order to get all the trophies/ achievements on offer in the game. Multiple playthroughs may be required if you’re not able to save or kill all characters in your two playthroughs, as these are key to unlocking a lot of the achievements and trophies on offer in the game.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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