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Godfall: How to Play Online Co-op With Friends


Godfall: How to Play Online Co-op With Friends

Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software, Godfall is a brand new looter-slasher game that’s just been released for the PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. Players will take control of Orin, who works together with a strange being called the Seventh Sanctum in an effort to save the world from an evil being named Macros. Here’s how to play online co-op with friends in Godfall.

Because this is a pretty online-only grindy looter game, you can be sure that Godfall will certainly allow you to play through its missions with friends. At the time of writing, online matchmaking is not currently available in the game, which means that you can only play with people on your friends list on PS5 or the Epic Games Store.

Playing Online Co-op With Friends in Godfall

First off, make sure you already have your friends added on your friends list. Once you’ve cleared the tutorial level in the Sunforge temple, you’ll be able to start embarking on missions together with friends.

Simply select your desired mission, then press the triangle button or the Y button if you’re playing on PC with an Xbox controller to invite a friend to your session. This will bring up your friends list, and you can invite anyone on there who already has the game.

godfall online co-op

You can have up to three players in total for your online co-op sessions. Once everyone has loaded in, you’ll be able to play the missions together, which should make them easier and go by a little quicker than if you were playing solo.

That’s all you need to know about how to play online co-op with friends in Godfall. Whenever the developers decide to add online matchmaking to the game, we’ll update this article with the relevant info. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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