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Godfall: How to Get Infused Jasper


Godfall: How to Get Infused Jasper

Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software, Godfall is a brand new looter-slasher game that has just been released for the PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. As you play through missions, you’ll be picking up lots of resources, some of which may be required to unlock new Valorplates for your character. Here’s how to get Infused Jasper in Godfall.

Getting Infused Jasper in Godfall

Infused Jasper is a fairly valuable resource in Godfall, and it’s required for unlocking the following Valorplates in the game:

  • Phoenix
  • Bulwark
  • Greyhawk
  • Mesa

Once you clear the tutorial level in Sunforge Temple, you’ll have enough of it to unlock the Phoenix Valorplate, but if you want the rest of them, you’ll need to farm them yourself.

The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to farm the resource if you look in the right place. Infused Jasper can be obtained as mission rewards and found in motherlodes in the Earth Realm, which is the very first region you’ll get to explore in the game.

As you’re making your way through the missions and levels in Earth Realm, keep a lookout for motherlodes, as shown in the screenshot down below.

godfall infused jasper

Head over and hold the circle button to interact with it, and the resources will be automatically added to your inventory. You’ll need 50 Infused Jasper for each Valorplate you want to unlock, but you should get them pretty quickly as you’re grinding through the missions here.

Once you’ve got everything you need, head back to Sanctum and interact with the Valorplate you want to unlock. With enough materials, you’ll be able to access and equip it for your next mission.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Infused Jasper in Godfall. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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