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Demon’s Souls World Tendency: How to Change Difficulty

Demon's Souls, Can You Change the Difficulty? Answered

Demon’s Souls World Tendency: How to Change Difficulty

There’s no two ways around it: The Demon’s Souls remake on PlayStation 5 is as difficult game, if not more so, than the original. Even veterans of the genre will encounter sections that they’ll struggle with, and while most will tell you to simple “get good,” you wouldn’t be blamed by any sane person for wondering: Can you change the difficulty in Demon’s Souls?

Fortunately for you, we’ve done the necessary leg work and found an answer.

How to Change Difficulty in Demon’s Souls

As it turns out, you can change the difficulty in Demon’s Souls, though it’s not as straight-forward as altering a setting in a menu.

Instead, you’ll need to alter the World Tendency for the game’s stages. Acting as a sort of hidden measure of your deeds both good and bad, world tendency impacts how strong enemies are and what you gain for defeating them.

Making your world tendency white will make enemies easier to overcome, but decrease how many Souls and rare items they drop. Making the Tendency Black, meanwhile, will make enemies far arder to defeat, but raise the amount of Souls they drop and their rare item drop rates through the roof.

There are various shades of grey in-between these levels too, and each will tweak the game’s difficulty accordingly. It’s also worth noting that each level has its own Tendency, so one zone could be darker and harder while the other is brighter and easier.

As such, you can tweak Demon’s Souls’ difficulty by altering the world tendency for each stage. To make things easier, focus on saving NPCs, aiding other players in need and otherwise being a kind person.

To raise the difficulty, set your sights on killing NPCs, invading other players’ worlds and otherwise being a monster out to make everyone’s experience worse.

That’s all there is to it really. It can be a bit obtuse and hard to understand at first, but after you pull it off a few times, it’s easy to replicate for any subsequent playthroughs.

Hopefully this cleared up whether or not you can change the difficulty in Demon’s Souls. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides on topics like how to dodge roll and how to run faster.

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