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Bugsnax: Lava Cave Secret Solution

Lava Cave Secret Solution in Bugsnax

Bugsnax: Lava Cave Secret Solution

Bugsnax is a new indie title from the same studio that worked on Octodad. The game has you playing as a journalist as you investigate Snaktooth Island and interview the residents of Snaxburg. You’ll spend the majority of your time exploring the different biomes to catch Bugsnax as well. If you’ve come across a particular statue puzzle in the Boiling Bay area, we have the solution for you. Here’s the lava cave secret solution for Bugsnax.

Lava Cave Secret Solution in Bugsnax

As you explore the Boiling Bay biome in Bugsnax, you’ll come across a slightly hidden cave that’s full of Noodlers, Flamin’ Cheepoofs, and lots of hot lava.

Towards the back of this cave, you’ll see four little coconut statues that can be interacted with by pressing the Square button. However, these four statues need to be pressed in a specific order.

The order is based on the number of teeth that each one has. So you want to press the one with one tooth first and then make your way around until you hit the final one that has the four teeth.

If you see the image below, the order should go like this: right, second from the left, second from the right, and then the one on the far left.

Once you activate them correctly, a big ol’ hole will open up in the cavern and it’ll take you to the Sizzling Sands area. You don’t seem to get anything for solving the puzzle but now you have a quick and easy way to get to the other area without having to go to Snaxburg and deal with the loading screens.

And that’s all you need to know about the lava cave statue in Bugsnax. If you need more help with catching snaks or solving puzzles, just search Twinfinite for our coverage or look down below.

You can also read our scored review here.

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