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Bugsnax Ending Explained (Spoilers)


Bugsnax Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Bugsnax may seem like an innocent and charming adventure game that one could compare to Pokemon Snap or Ape Escape, but if you dig a little deeper, this indie title is seriously messed up. Things don’t really get crazy until the final act of Bugsnax, and if you want to find out what happens, we have a summary here for you. Here’s the Bugsnax ending explained for those that want the inside scoop.

And just as a heads-up, there will be many spoilers, of course. You’ve been warned!

Bugsnax Ending Explained

Alright so, once you finally convince all of the residents of Snaxburg to come back to town, Filbo tells you that he wants to have a big celebration with dancing and music to raise everybody’s spirits. He even says that the party’s going to change everything, which seems to be some foreshadowing for the events that will soon occur on the island.

After speaking to all 11 residents and encouraging them to go to the dance floor, Filbo speaks to you and praises all of the hard work that the two of you have done to get everyone back to town.

While everyone is happy and celebrating life, Shelda comes through and claims that their “end is nigh.” As soon as she says this, an earthquake suddenly starts, and she once again says that doom approaches and to pray to your gods. Oh, and then the island volcano begins to erupt too –things aren’t looking great for our group of Grumpus’.

bugsnax ending explained

Eggabell shows up to the town and tells the group that she knows where to find Lizbert, which leads you to follow her to the mountain with Filbo to unlock a mysterious door by pressing on some switches.

Once the door is opened, the three of them find themselves in a creepy underground area known as the Undersnax. It’s slimy and cold, and there’s food all over the place. After going through the tight corridors, you end up falling into a colosseum type of area, and that’s where Lizbert has been the entire time, except she looks a bit different.

bugsnax ending explained

In an unexpected twist, Lizbert fell in a chasm and ended up getting changed by the Bugsnax. She also tells you and Filbo that the Bugsnax have been parasites this entire time and change not only a person’s body but their mind too. They’re insidious creatures that’ll exploit anyone’s weakness.

Lizbert has managed to gain control some of the Bugsnax, but the rest of them are ravenous and are literally shaking the ground apart on the island, causing the earthquakes. Lizbert is the only thing keeping the island together right now.

She then tells you to warn the other people to get off the island as fast as they can before it all crumbles. Before you head out though, Eggabell shows up, and instead of leaving Lizbert, she puts her body into Lizberts, and they combine to create an even bigger Bugsnax monster.

You and Filbo race back to town to tell everyone the secret behind the Bugsnax and to make sure that nobody eats them any more because you know, they’re parasites and all.

Snorpy gets the airship ready for everyone to climb on board and the Bugsnax have started to attack the town. After getting some killer tools, it’s up to you to gather everyone in town and save them from the Bugsnax.

After going through several gameplay sections and killing tons of Bugsnax, everyone gets on the ship and successfully escapes from Snaktooth Island. One giant Bugsnax does try to knock them down, but Lizbert and Eggabell both show up to save the day, and they end up staying down on the island, and we’re not sure what exactly has happened to them.

bugsnax ending explained

After safely landing the ship by the city, Filbo asks if he can stay with you for a little while as a roommate and he wants to help you tell the story of Snaktooth Island.

Now that you’ve returned to work, your boss, C. Clumby Clumbernut, hears your story and thinks its a compelling and dramatic exposé but unfortunately, she fires you for leaving to the island without permission, and she also says that you’re legally dead.

Filbo mentions that the elections are coming up and he wants to run for mayor and asks for your help.

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