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Best Sony Games You Should Play Right Now


Best Sony Games You Should Play Right Now

Sony, in addition to being the biggest home video game console makers, is also one of the world’s biggest video game publishers and, of course, the guardian of the PlayStation brand. Over the years they have built up quite the portfolio. Let’s look at some of the best Sony games that are easily accessible and are worth playing right now.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Best Sony Games

Spider-man, best sony games

Licensed video games have had a bad wrap over the years, with Spider-Man getting a bunch of movie tie-ins that are best forgotten. Insomniac’s Spider-Man is not only one of the best licensed superhero games though, it’s one of the best open world action games of the last decade.

Manhattan is beautiful, Peter is a loveable character, and swinging through the streets is one of most satisfying things in gaming. It’s a thrill that few other series have managed to replicate.

Miles Morales, a new but shorter Spider-Man experience, is due to release alongside the PS5, but the base game is still worth going back to. It’s a great game to just explore in, collecting backpacks and completing quests, so pick it up and get your Spidey-suit ready.

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