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Best BioWare Games to Play Right Now


Best BioWare Games to Play Right Now

BioWare used to be a household name in the games industry when it came to developing and releasing immersive RPGs with truly compelling stories and characters that you could invest in. While they’ve certainly lost some steam in recent years, the studio’s still got a seriously impressive portfolio of games that you should still check out if you haven’t already. Here’s a quick list of the best BioWare games that you can play right now.

Mass Effect 2

Best BioWare Games

best bioware games

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. The Mass Effect series is still held in high regard today as one of the best sci-fi video game sagas ever made, and without a doubt, Mass Effect 2 can be crowned as the best entry in the trilogy.

Even as a completely new player, Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic entry point in every aspect. Gameplay-wise, it still holds up well, and it’s a far smoother experience than the clunkiness that was the original Mass Effect.

Shepard is thrust into a new environment and essentially gets a fresh start with the mysterious Cerberus organization, and the game does a good job of recapping key elements of the first story so you won’t be too lost.

And most importantly, the characters are all superbly written –both old and newcomers. There’s a lot of DLC here to help flesh out the story even further, and you just can’t go wrong with this one.

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