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Spiritfarer Achievements & Trophies List

spiritfarer achievements trophies

Spiritfarer Achievements & Trophies List

Spiritfarer has a total of 39 achievements totaling its 1000 Gamerscore. On PS4, it has the same number of trophies, one of these being the Platinum for completing absolutely everything in the game. This Spiritfarer achievements and trophies guide runs you through the complete list. It also includes a separate section for secret trophies and achievements, so you don’t accidentally spoil the game for yourself.

All Achievements & Trophies in Spiritfarer

Achievement/ Trophy NameDescriptionGamerscore / Trophy Rarity
CollectorComplete all collections75/ Platinum
At Least Someone Is HappyMake on spirit reach the ecstatic mood at least once10 / Bronze
The More, The MerrierMake 5 spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once40 / Bronze
The Happy DanceMake all spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once70/ Gold
The AcrobatActivate all the shrines20 / Silver
Decked OutBuild all houses and stations at least once on the boat55 / Gold
SpiritfaredBring all releasable spirits to the Everdoor40 / Silver
Master ChefDiscover all recipes70 / Gold
Monkey 101Complete one errand for Francis10 / Bronze
Twelve MonkeysComplete twelve errands for Francis20 / Bronze
Monkey BusinessComplete thirty errands for Francis40 / Gold
More Than 15%Give Furogawa Tour’s guide a tip10 / Bronze
Dad ModeEndure 10 of Albert’s jokes15 / Bronze
Public TransportationUse Alex’s bus stop 50 times15 / Bronze
Everything Is IlluminatedLight up all Lighthouses15 / Bronze
Sheep RangerFind and shelter all sheep20 / Bronze
Sheep CleanerShear sheep at least 50 times10/ Bronze
Bow-TasticCollect all figureheads15/ Bronze
Food DeliverSign up to Feedorama10/ Bronze
UnsubscribeUnsubscribe from Feedorama25/ Bronze
Dating CoachGive dating advice15/ Bronze
Big SpenderBuy at least 100 items from Raccoon Inc15 / Bronze
Taking Out the TrashSell at least 200 items15 / Bronze

Secret Trophies/ Achievements

Achievement/ Trophy NameDescriptionGamerscore / Trophy Rarity
First EncounterHave your first conversation with Hades10 / Bronze
Second EncounterHave your second conversation with Hades10 / Bronze
Third EncounterHave your final conversation with Hades10 / Bronze
Let It GoAccomplish your very last objective20 / Bronze
Fully Improved: GwenFully improved Gwen’s Lodge30 / Silver
Fully Improved: AtulFully improved Atul’s Workshop30 / Silver
Fully Improved: SummerFully improved Summer’s Sanctuary30 / Silver
Fully Improved: AliceFully improved Alice’s Cottage30 / Silver
Fully Improved: AstridFully improved Astrid’s Bungalow30 / Silver
Fully Improved: Bruce & MickeyFully improved Bruce and Mickey’s Crib30 / Silver
Fully Improved: GustavFully improved Gustav’s Gallery30 / Silver
Fully Improved: StanleyFully improved Stanley’s Playroom30 / Silver
Fully Improved: BuckFully improved Buck’s Lair of Wonders30 / Silver
Fully Improved: ElenaFully improved Elena’s Cubicle30 / Silver
Sealed LipsDo not tell Astrid about GIovanni’s night excursions10 / Bronze
Loose LipsTell Astrid about Giovanni’s night excursions10 / Bronze

There you have the complete Spiritfarer achievements and trophies list. For more tips, tricks, and guides, you can search for Twinfinite or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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