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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Evolve Electabuzz

how to evolve electabuzz, crown tundra

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Evolve Electabuzz

Pokemon Crown Tundra has arrived, and it has doled out passports to even more deserving Pokemon that were left out of the Galar region and Sword & Shield. One of my personal favorites, Electabuzz, is back on the menu, and some fans may be wondering how to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here’s how you do it.

How to Evolve Electabuzz in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Electabuzz in Pokemon Sword and Shield evolves the same way that it did in previous games now that it’s released into Galar thanks to the Crown Tundra DLC.

You need to give Electabuzz an Electirizer to hold and then trade your Electabuzz while it’s holding it. After the trade is complete, your Pokemon will evolve into an Electivire, a powerful Electric-type with the unique ability known as Motor Drive. Motor Drive raises Electivire’s Speed by one stage when hit with an electric attack, making it perfect for baiting shots.

While Electabuzz can rarely hold the Electirizer you’ll need, there’s an easier way. Go to the Giant’s Bed and head for the pond/lake in the northern part of the area. Nearby a tree, you’ll find a free Electirizer that you can use to evolve your Electabuzz. Easy peasy!

Electivire, as we mentioned, does pack a punch. It can use powerful moves both with Attack and Sp. Attack and has the move pool to support a mixed attacking strategy. You just need to be aware of its low defenses. Really try to work in a strategy that allows you to make use of Motor Drive. Have one or two Pokemon on your team that could bait an electric attack out, and then go to town.

That’s you need to know about how to evolve Electabuzz in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more general tips and tricks, check out our wiki guide for Sword and Shield.

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