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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Everstone

pokemon sword and shield everstone

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Everstone

The Everstone is one of many items you can make your Pokemon hold in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It also has two different uses depending on what you’re doing with the Pokemon holding it. Here’s how to get an Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as what it’s used for.

Getting an Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Everstone Location

  1. Go to Turffield and start at the Pokemon Center

  2. Head right from the Pokemon Center until you reach these crossroads. Take a left.

    pokemon sword everstone, pokemon shield everstone

  3. At the next turning, go left, as if you’re going back towards the Pokemon Center on this lower path.

  4. At the end of the path by the rocks, press A on the glimmer on the floor to get the Everstone.

    pokemon sword everstone, pokemon shield everstone

What the Everstone Is Used For

The Everstone stops whatever Pokemon is holding it when you’re battling or in the overworld from evolving. For example, if your Grookey is holding an Everstone but is at level 16, when it should evolve to Thwackey, it’ll remain a Grookey.

Remove the Everstone from your Grookey and the next time it levels up, it’ll evolve into Thwackey.

The other, more important use of the Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield is in relation to breeding. Natures can be incredibly important in competitive battling.

If you give an Everstone to a Pokemon you’re breeding from, the Egg Pokemon will be guaranteed to have the same nature as the one holding it.

This can also be used in conjunction with Mints, which allow you to change the nature of your Pokemon. You can either use Mints on your parent Pokemon holding the Everstone, or just change the Egg Pokemon’s Nature with Mints if you’re learning about this too late.

Everstone in the Crown Tundra DLC

In addition to all the uses above, the Everstone is also used as one of the answers to the clues in the Crown Tundra expansion pass DLC for Poekmon Sword and Shield. You’ll need one to get past a temple gate holding a long lost legendary Pokemon

Simply have your lead Pokemon equip it and you’ll be able to enter the temple.

For more on Pokemon Sword and Shield, be sure to head over to our guide wiki.

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