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NHL 21: How to Clear Puck

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NHL 21: How to Clear Puck

In NHL 21, sometimes the best strategy is to get rid of the puck and let your lines change out. Doing so allows you to get some fresh faces on the ice, even if it means you’ll lose possession. Here is everything you need to know about how to clear the puck in NHL 21

Dumping the puck is vital to regrouping in NHL 21. Depending on the situation, it’ll give you ample time for a line change or it can even run the clock down while you’re on a penalty kill. 

How to Clear Puck in NHL 21

To execute a clear, all you have to do is press R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One. When you do, the puck will sail over the defenders into their end. 

You have to be really careful when clearing the puck, though. If you aren’t paying attention, it is possible to chip it over the glass. 

Doing this results in a delay of game penalty. This minor infraction sends you to the box for two minutes. 

To avoid clearing the glass when dumping the puck, hold down R1 or RB and you’ll get a line indicator showing you where the puck is being directed. Aim toward open ice and let go to clear the puck without drawing a penalty. 

Keep in mind that the longer you hold down the clear puck button, the more powerful a clear you’ll execute. 

How to Clear Puck in NHL 21:

  1. Hold down RB (Xbox One) or R1 (PS4).

    You can also tap it, but make sure you’re aimed toward open ice first.

  2. Aim toward open ice.

  3. Release the bottom to execute a dump.

That is everything you need to know about how to clear the puck in NHL 21. If you’re still on the hunt for more help, check out the rest of Twinfinite for plenty of guides and strategies that’ll surely lead you to victory.

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