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Can You Kill The Unyielding Terror in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost? Answered

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Can You Kill The Unyielding Terror in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost? Answered

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2020 is here. Guardians from all over the globe can have a scary good time collecting this year’s masks, exploring the infinite recesses of the Haunted Forest, and earning the awesome Braytech Werewolf. However, lurking in the Haunted Forest is a seemingly invincible monster that makes even Lord Shaxx quake in his boots: The Unyielding Terror. You probably wonder if you can kill The Unyielding Terror, so look no further for your answer.

Occasionally, while exploring the Haunted Forest, you might come across an unusually large Hive —not as big as an Ogre, but still fairly imposing— wielding a giant axe. This monstrosity is The Unyielding Terror, and it more than earns its name.

This creature can pop up almost anywhere, so you should always be on your guard. While it isn’t particularly fast, it is impossibly strong and can one-shot you if you’re not careful.

Can You Kill The Unyielding Terror in Destiny 2?

Here is The Unyielding Terror’s dirty little secret: it is not just seemingly invincible, it is literally invincible. It doesn’t matter if you pump the creature full of lead or try to blow it up with rockets; it is more durable than Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers combined.

If you ever bump into The Unyielding Terror, DO NOT ENGAGE; you will only waste time and ammo better spent on killable enemies. Just run away.

Escaping & Running Away

As previously mentioned, The Unyielding Terror is like any good slasher villain: powerful but slow. If it catches you, you’re dead meat, but outrunning the creature is usually an easy task.

You often bump into The Unyielding Terror out in the open during a Haunted Forest run, so you can easily dash past it (so long as you give it a wide berth). Just find the exit door, enter the next segment of the Haunted Forest, and keep on running and gunning.

However, if you are unlucky, the monster will spawn next to other, less immortal enemies. When this happens, you can either snipe the killable mobs at a distance or run to the exit door, since getting close to these enemies just invites a quick death.

While The Unyielding Terror usually crops up in random locations, it will always appear in what is best described as a beginner’s trap. At the end of each Haunted Forest run, you have to cross a bridge to retrieve your reward chest.

However, the Vex who built the Haunted Forest are mischievous machines, and the bridge is designed to dissolve under your feet and send you plummeting into a murder dungeon where The Unyielding Terror lies in wait.

If you can cross the bridge safely, you can retrieve you rewards without ever stepping foot in The Unyielding Terror’s hellish domain. The easiest way to accomplish this feat is to run down the far left side of the bridge, cross to the right side in the middle, and jump all the way across to the stairs at the far end.

However, if you fall through the bridge, you have to escape The Unyielding Terror’s grasp. The area below the bridge might seem inescapable, but a tiny hole is built into the right side of the wall. If you can slip through this sliver of safety, you will eventually find your way to the chest.

Alternatively, you can always let The Unyielding Terror just kill you. This counter-intuitive strategy respawns you back on the bridge, which gives you a second stab at retrieving the chest.

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