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FIFA 21: How to Perform Signature Celebrations

signature celebrations fifa 21

FIFA 21: How to Perform Signature Celebrations

You’ve just scored a last-minute winner away from home against your most bitter rivals. You know the game is won and as you wheel away in celebration, you wonder just how you can pour a little more salt in the wound of your opponent. This is a guide on how to perform Signature Celebrations in FIFA 21.

How to Perform Signature Celebrations in FIFA 21

It seems like every big name in football now has their own associated brand; think of Christiano Ronaldo (or CR7, as he likes to be called), not only does he have an exceptional skill set for football, but he has a series of instantly recognizable goal celebrations. Whether it’s the ‘siuuuu‘ jump with arms to his side or the ‘my house’ point to the chest, he really does know how to make that celebration his own.

The same goes for FIFA 21; when you score a goal the camera will center on your player as you control where they run, waiting for your input. You can definitely just run back to the halfway line, patiently waiting for the game to kick off again, or you can perform half a dozen backflips and scream at the crowd. I know which one I prefer.

After scoring a goal and gaining control of the player, you can perform their ‘signature’ celebration by pressing X on PS4, or A on Xbox One. There are many celebrations that can only be used by certain players, and this is how to do it.

Whether it’s the arm folding of Mbappe or the ‘hand-heart’ of Gareth Bale, be sure to let your opponents know you’re feeling confident the next time you score.

That’s it for how to perform Signature Celebrations in FIFA 21. Check out our other FIFA 21 guides by searching Twinfinite and the FIFA 21 Wiki when the game comes out fully.

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