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FIFA 21: How to Do La Croqueta

fifa 21 la croqueta

FIFA 21: How to Do La Croqueta

Skill moves in FIFA 21 are a great way to give yourself the advantage over the defender when on the attack, allowing you to get into space and play a teammate through, or take a shot on goal. Here’s how to do La Croqueta in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 La Croqueta – How to Do It on PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Before you can even start trying to do La Croqueta, you’ll need to make sure your player has at least four star skill moves. If the player you’re controlling doesn’t, they won’t be able to pull it off, so don’t bother trying.

To do La Croqueta, it all comes down to moving the right analog stick in a particular way. You need to hold it to either the right or left of the player with the ball, depending on which direction you want your player to move the ball.

We’ve listed all inputs for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch below:

PlatformLa Croqueta Input
PS4L1 + right analog stick left or right (depending on direction you want player to go)
Xbox OneLB + right analog stick left or right
Nintendo SwitchL + right analog stick left or right

Tips for Using La Croqueta in FIFA 21

It is still one of the best ways to get free from a defender marking you and give you an opportunity to get a shot away at goal.

We advise using this skill move when cutting into the box from one of the wings for the best results in FIFA 21. It’s particularly effective when running into the box diagonally, much like the heel to heel flick.

What gives this its four-star skill rating over the three-starred heel to heel flick is that doing a La Croqueta will keep the ball much closer to your player, making it more difficult for your opponent to intercept.

That’s everything you need to know on how to do La Croqueta in FIFA 21. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our FIFA 21 guide wiki or search for Twinfinite. We have also listed some other helpful guides down below.

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