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Crash 4: How to Get Ruby Red Gem Secret

ruby red gem crash 4

Crash 4: How to Get Ruby Red Gem Secret

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has arrived and fans of old-school platformers have the opportunity to drop into what many might consider a modern hit from a classic franchise. Like the previous games in the series, Crash 4 contains lots of hidden secrets. In this guide we’re going to go over how to find and get the secret colored Ruby Red Gem in Crash 4.

How to Get Ruby Red Gem in Crash 4

The colored gems return in Crash 4 and like previous games in the PS1 series of titles, finding them will unlock secret areas that would have otherwise been inaccessible without having found the hidden gem. Think of them as kind of like the colored switches in the Super Mario series.

In Crash 4 you can find the Ruby Red Gem very early on to ensure that you have it with you the rest of the way, you just need to know where to look. Or in this case… know what to listen for.

ruby red gem

The Ruby Red Gem is hidden in N-Sanity Peak, the second level of Crash 4. To get it, you’ll need to progress normally until you reach where Lani-Loli is sleeping and you’re faced with a large pit with platforms that are phasing in and out.

If start by jumping on the front left pillar (the one closest to Crash when you enter the room, see picture above) and move counter-clockwise, you’ll hear a chime as you hit each platform. Hit each platform and then finish up by hitting the middle platform and the Ruby Red Gem will appear in front of you.

If you fall you can restart from the nearest checkpoint and try again, it’s not locked behind death. Once you get the feel for the timing, it’s quite easy to collect.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Get Ruby Red Gem in Crash 4

  1. Enter N-Sanity Peak (Level 2)

  2. Progress until you reach the area where you see Lani-Loli sleeping.

  3. Starting with the front left platform closest to Crash/Coco, jump on each platform going in a counter-clockwise direction.

  4. Collect the Ruby Red Gem when it appears.

That’s all you need to know for how to get the Ruby Red Gem in Crash 4. For more on Crash 4, you can check out our latest coverage right here. If you need help collecting all the gems in the game, or completing the time trials, be sure to check out those guides as well.

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