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Best Microsoft Games You Should Play Right Now


Best Microsoft Games You Should Play Right Now

Microsoft, in addition to being the biggest computer software company, is also one of the world’s biggest video game publishers and, of course, the shepherd of the Xbox brand. Over the years they have built up quite the portfolio. Let’s look at some of the best Microsoft games that are easily accessible and are worth playing right now.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Best Microsoft Games

Microsoft Flight Simulator, best microsoft games

Ever fancied yourself a pilot, or just wondered how it feels to fly some of the biggest and most impressive planes in the world? Well Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has you covered, with an incredibly detailed rendition of the real world. To give you some numbers, that’s 2 million cities and 1.5 billion buildings, with 37,000 airports to take a quick stop at.

There’s really nothing in the same league as Microsoft Flight Simulator when it comes to flight sims right now, though admittedly the genre is rather niche. Despite that, even those who don’t consider themselves fans of the genre will take some pleasure from just visiting their house or home town, or crashing their plane into a friend’s. Because that’s what friends do!

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