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Best Activision Games You Should Play Right Now

modern warfare, best activision games

Best Activision Games You Should Play Right Now

Activision is one of the the world’s most well-known video game publishers and has been a mainstay in the industry for a very long time now. Everything ranging from skateboarding to FPSs to platformers are on Activision’s radar. Let’s take a look some of the best Activision games that are easily accessible and are worth playing right now.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Best Activision Games

modern warfare, best activision games

Probably the series that Activision is best known for, Call of Duty is up there with the biggest gaming IPs or all time. Whether it be the first Modern Warfare, which brought multiplayer FPS to the masses, or the bombastic recent entries, most people have at least tried out a Call of Duty title.

While there are various great games in the series from the last 15 years, and Black Ops Cold War is due to release soon, 2019’s Modern Warfare is the one we’d recommend first.

Not only is the campaign the best for a while, featuring some slower moments that prove that Call of Duty can be more than explosions and rockets, but the multiplayer is the deepest ever.

Then there’s its link to Warzone, Call of Duty’s premier battle royale game, which has taken the shooter world by storm in 2020. With ten of millions of players and constant updates, it’s always a good time to try it out, and it’ll continue to evolve over the coming months and years.

If you’ve enjoyed almost any other first-person shooter, Call of Duty is a series that’ll grab you in an instant and is full of shooters that can be considered amongst the best Activision games.

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