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Hades Hell Mode: How to Start, What It Does


Hades Hell Mode: How to Start, What It Does

Developed by Supergiant Games, Hades is an action roguelite game that’s been in early access for a while now. But in a surprise move, Supergiant announced that the game had officially left its early access phase yesterday, and also got an unexpected release on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything you need to know about how Hell Mode works in Hades.

How to Start Hell Mode in Hades

As the name suggests, Hell Mode is not exactly for the faint of heart. In fact, if you’re a new player, you should probably steer clear of this one until you’ve gotten a few runs in or have cleared the game once. But if you want to dive in anyway, here’s how.

When you start a game from the main menu, choose an empty save slot and confirm your selection, then scroll down to check the box that says Hell Mode. Do be warned that once you activate it for a save slot, you cannot deactivate it or revert your decision. You’ll either have to go through with it or delete that save file entirely, so think it through before making a decision.

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What It Does

Here’s the description for Hell Mode:

“For those unafraid of death and other difficult matters, the Pact of Punishment will make your life harder right away. Set this if you’re a veteran of the cycle of death and rebirth, or seeking a purer, more challenging experience.”

The aforementioned Pact of Punishment makes the game much harder by increasing enemy damage, increasing the number of enemy spawns per chamber, increasing enemy health, decreasing healing efficiency, and reducing your i-frames.

However, the rewards are also far greater if you manage to beat bosses and make it far into a run.

That’s all you need to know about how Hell Mode works in Hades. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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