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Windbound: How to Sprint

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Windbound: How to Sprint

In Windbound, you’ll traverse a sea of islands, uncovering secrets, hunting, and crafting all the while. And while you’ll spend a lot of time navigating choppy waters on your boat, there is also plenty to do on land as well, so you’ll want to be able to get around quickly. Here is everything you need to know about how to sprint in Windbound.

Like most games in the survival genre, you can’t simply sprint to your heart’s content in Windbound. Instead, there is a system in place that you’ll need to monitor while sprinting so that you won’t die.

How to Sprint in Windbound

As soon as you start the game, you’ll be placed on a small island, surrounded by similar neighboring pieces of land. If you want to get from one point to the other quickly when on the islands, hold down the circle (PS4), B (Xbox One), A (Switch) button.

Holding down this button will allow you to run. While sprinting, you can also press in on the left thumbstick in order to toggle sprinting on and off accordingly.

As you’re sprinting, you’ll notice the yellow bar on the top left of the screen start to drain. This bar is your stamina.

For the duration of your run, this bar will drain until it reaches the end of the bar. This is known as your short term stamina.

Short term stamina regenerates quickly, and doesn’t dissipate after use. If you keep sprinting after the short term stamina depletes, then the backup stamina will start to drain.

Back up stamina regenerates slowly, so you’ll want to be careful when using it. More importantly, you start to lose health when your back up stamina is gone, which means not watching what your doing could result in your death.

And that is everything you need to know about how to sprint in Windbound. For more tips and tricks, search Twinfinite, as you’ll find lots of guides to help you out.

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