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Windbound: How to Eat & Cook

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Windbound: How to Eat & Cook

Windbound is the latest survival game to try and put a unique spin on the genre, taking deep inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series regarding its look and style. Just like any other survival title, you’ll need to manage your health and stamina, similar to real-life circumstances. Here is everything you need to know about how to eat and cook in Windbound.

Coming across edible items in Windbound isn’t going to be as easy as you think it might be. Unlike a title like Legend of Zelda, there aren’t any potions or health items simply laying around.

Instead, health is gathered via resources in the environment and by hunting.

How to Eat and Cook in Windbound

No matter the difficulty setting, Windbound requires you to eat food to maintain your stamina and health. If you don’t eat, your stamina will drop down to zero.

When it does, your health lowers as well until you starve to death. There are numerous different things to eat in the game.

You can go up to bushes and eat berries and even find mushrooms growing on treas.

Your main form of sustanance is going to come from killing the animals on each island though. When you kill these animals, they’ll drop items like bones and leather.

The bigger animals will usually always drop meat alongside the other items. While you can eat it raw, it is reccomended that you cook it.

If you don’t cook your meat, not only will you get less health and stamina back, you’ll also become sick, causing the screen to wobble.

How to Cook

Once you’ve got raw meat, you’ll need to find some sticks. Sticks will make it so that you can create a fire to cook your meat on.

Use the following prompts to open up your crafting menu and make a fire:

Nintendo SwitchR
Xbox OneRB

Open the crafting menu with after you’ve got sticks and make a fire. Click on the fire and you’ll be able to place the meat on it.

It takes a bit of time to cook, but the result will give you back a bunch more health and stamina. Keep in mind that the meat will deteriorate with time if you don’t eat it, though, causing it to give you back less health and stamina.

That is everything you need to know about how to eat and cook in Windbound. For more tips, tricks, and general FAQ, we’ve got plenty of guides throughout Twinfinite, so get to searching!

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