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Tell Me Why: Mary-Ann Bedroom Door Puzzle Guide

tell me why, mary-ann bedroom door

Tell Me Why: Mary-Ann Bedroom Door Puzzle Guide

In the first episode of Tell Me Why, players will need to solve the Mary-Ann Bedroom Door Puzzle. This requires players to choose the correct combination of animals in three little dials on the door in order to get it to open. While players can choose to charge the door down, you’ll unlock the ‘Crafty Goblins’ achievement for solving the puzzle. Here’s the Mary-Ann Bedroom Door puzzle solution in Tell Me Why.

Mary-Ann Bedroom Door Puzzle Solution

Cutting right to the chase, players will need to select the following animals in this order to solve the bedroom door puzzle: Moose, Bear, Pelican.

We’ve included a screenshot below so you know exactly what the door should look like when you’ve got the correct solution.

tell me why mary-ann bedroom door puzzle
Mary-Ann Bedroom Door Puzzle Solution

How to Get the Bedroom Door Puzzle Solution Yourself

The way you get this solution is by referring to the Book of Goblins. This is a book full of stories that the Ronan twins and their mother, Mary-Ann wrote when they were children. They teach the kids important life lessons in a fantasy setting, but Mary-Ann also used the book to hide solutions to various little puzzles players will encounter during their time with the Ronan twins.

Specifically, the answers to the Mary-Ann bedroom door puzzle can be found in the story called The Princess’ Party. In the story, the Princess is given gifts by different animals. Based on the animal’s descriptions at the beginning of the story, you must figure out which animal would give each present.

The order the animals then go into the bedroom door puzzle are indicated by the order of the gifts on the first page of The Princess’ Party.

The stalwart and farsighted Moose therefore gave the torch to help make sure the Princess sees right from wrong. The Bear “with his claws so sharp” gave the Princess the sword so she was always protected if she was ever under threat. Finally, the pious and attentive Pelican gave the Princess the bag of coins so she’d have money to buy food when she is hungry and clothes when she is cold.

That’s everything you need to know to solve Mary-Ann’s bedroom door puzzle in Tell Me Why. For more of our coverage on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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