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This Quiz Will Tell You Which Sims Spark’d Role You’d Rock

Sims Spark'd

This Quiz Will Tell You Which Sims Spark’d Role You’d Rock

Now that Season 1 of The Sims Spark’d has come to an end, the opportunity to participate in the upcoming episodes is open for all Simmers. If you wish to have a try at it, make sure to submit your creations to the Gallery with tagged #sparkd.

What role would you take on if you were a part of the competition? More importantly, which role would you excel at? This quiz will tell you which role you’d best at. Take a shot at it and find out if you’d be a better Builder, Storyteller, or Stylist!

If you enjoyed this quiz, how about having a go at this other one to find out which Sims 4 trait you resemble best? For a recap of the Sims Spark’d finale, go here! You can also find more of our quizzes right here.

Which Sims Spark'd Role Would You Rock?

What do you usually spend the most time on in-game?
What do you like doing with your Sim(s)?
What do you like to watch on YouTube?
Which Sims 4 pack is your favorite?
What is one of your hobbies?
What is your dream job?
How do you make your Sim(s) happy?
How do you like to earn Simoleons?
How long do you take to build a house for your Sim(s)?
What kind of family do you like for your Sim(s)?
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