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Hyper Scape: How to Find Memory Shards

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Hyper Scape: How to Find Memory Shards

Hyper Scape has now launched on consoles after being in early access on PC for a short time. Throughout the map, you’ll find cool items to pick up, some of which are collectibles. So that you can complete the collection, here’s everything you need to know about how to find memory shards in Hyper Scape.

Memory Shards will be added to Neo Arcadia every week, each containing an image and a fragment of Hyper Scape lore. Below is what they’re described as on the official game page:

“Memory Shards are narrative collectibles that periodically appear throughout Neo Arcadia and can be found during play… There will be at least one new Memory Shard to discover per week which, once found, are accessible in the player’s locker. But if there are Memory Shards, could there be something… more?”

Maybe collecting all of them will lead to a secret being unlocked later in Season One. Grab them all to find out.

How to Find Memory Shards in Hyper Scape

As of right now, there are two Memory Shards to find and they’re not too difficult to collect. We’ll update this page as more are released each week and will break down the locations below.

1.1: Welcome to the Hyper Scape

For 1.1, you’ll need to head to Tora Garden (in the Red Tiger zone) during a match. By the unmissable glowing diamond, head up the similarly glowing stairs and you’ll find the shard in a gap in the centre of the garden’s base. Simply pick it up and head off to find 1.2.

1.2: Secret Ways

For 1.2, head north from 1.1 to Unity Hill, the east side specifically. Just underneath the word Hill on the map, head down a level and keep your eyes out for a glitching pink door. Head through the door and grab the shard that’s there.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find memory shards in Hyper Scape. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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