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FFXIV Patch 3.5: Seat of Sacrifice Trial Guide

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FFXIV Patch 3.5: Seat of Sacrifice Trial Guide

Patch 3.5 for Final Fantasy XIV is finally here and it comes with a new story Trial for players to attempt. As the final boss encounter of the Shadowbringers arc, you can definitely expect this one to be a bit of a challenge. Here’s how to beat the Seat of Sacrifice Trial in FFXIV patch 3.5.

FFXIV The Seat of Sacrifice Trial Guide

Like most of the recent Trials introduced in the game, this one has two phases, and we’ll break them down accordingly below.

Phase 1

  • Terror Unleashed: Group-wide attack, heal through as necessary.
  • Solemn Confiteor: A series of circular AoEs appear on the ground, dodge as necessary.
  • Coruscant Saber: Large donut AoE, the only safe spot is in the boss’ hit box. This can be followed up by another circular AoE within the hit box, so move out of the way immediately.
  • Absolute Fire: Players will have fire markers above their heads. Do not move during this attack.
  • Absolute Blizzard: Players will have ice markers above their heads. Keep moving to minimize damage.
  • Imbued Absolute Fire/Ice: Whenever Elidibus does an Imbued attack with an element, you need to keep the movement mechanics in mind when dodging his attacks. For instance, after using Imbued Absolute Fire, he may follow up with Imbued Coruscant Saber with a circular AoE to avoid. Avoid the AoE, but also make sure your character stays still the moment you get into the safe zone to avoid taking more damage. And vice versa for imbued ice attacks.
  • Sword of Light: A shining sword appears in the arena to carve out the shape of an AoE attack. Move out of the way. Immediately after, a demon will appear on the side of the arena and perform a large line AoE attack on whichever portion of the arena it’s facing. Move out of its line of sight.
  • The Bitter End: Tank buster, heal through as necessary.
  • Elddragon Dive: Group-wide attack, heal through as necessary.

At the end of the first phase of The Seat of Sacrifice, all players will be chained up and you’ll have to pass a button-mashing QTE to break free. If a single player fails the QTE, you’ll restart the fight. Clearing the QTE will allow you to move on to the next phase and get a checkpoint.

Do note that this is easily the toughest button-mashing QTE we’ve ever seen in FFXIV, and our best advice is to just focus on one button and mash as fast as you can to clear it.

Phase 2

Elidibus will start the fight by imbuing his attacks with either fire or ice. Just like in the first phase, be aware of which element he uses, and do the movement mechanics correctly. Stop moving if it’s fire, and keep moving if it’s ice.

  • Specter of Light: Summons NPCs to deal extra damage, then meteor spots will form on the ground. Exactly two players need to stand in each circle for the meteors; any more or any less will result in massive damage.
  • Summon Wyrm: Two black orbs appear in opposite corners of the arena and will grow larger towards the center. Stay in the middle to avoid it. At the same time, a dragon will also appear at the side of the arena, avoid its line of sight. During this attack, one player will be marked with an orange stack marker and one will be marked with a damage impact marker. The one with the damage impact marker needs to move as far away as possible from the rest of the party, who need to stack on the orange marker.
  • Radiant Braver: Two players will get targeted with orange markers. They should spread out and move away from the party to avoid hitting the group with damage.
  • Radiant Desperado: Two players get targeted with orange stack markers. The party needs to split into two and stack with both players separately to share the damage.
  • Radiant Meteor: Four players get marked with large pink circular markers. They should go to the four corners of the arena to avoid putting damage on the rest of the party.

About midway through this phase, four dragons will appear in the arena and tether to four random players. These players need to face their tethers away from the party to avoid hitting them with damage.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat the Seat of Sacrifice Trial in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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