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FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2020 Guide: How to Start, Rewards, & More

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FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2020 Guide: How to Start, Rewards, & More

Every year, FFXIV players get to celebrate the summer by participating in the annual Moonfire Faire event. The celebration is back on in the game again, and there are tons of rewards to redeem if you want to participate. Here’s everything you need to know about Moonfire Faire 2020 in FFXIV.

How to Start Moonfire Faire 2020 in FFXIV

First things first, the Moonfire Faire event will run from now till Aug. 26, so you have until then to get all the rewards you need. To start the quest, you’ll need a class at level 30, then head over to the Aftcastle teleport point at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks.

Talk to the NPC named Mayaru Moyaru and accept the quest A Fish Too Far. This will take you to Costa Del Sol, where you simply have to follow the objective markers until you’re tasked with completing a new FATE just south of your position on the island.

The FATE is pretty easy to complete, and all you have to do is heal and strengthen a Bomb with your two dances until it defeats the giant shark enemy. The first dance will strengthen it, while the second dance will heal it. It’s recommended that you spam the first dance until the Bomb reaches its maximum size so that it deals more damage, then focus on healing it if necessary.

Whenever the Bomb’s size shrinks, strengthen it again, then repeat the process. Once you’ve completed the FATE, finish off the mission to learn the flame dance, and get your 15 Faire Vouchers as a reward. From this point on, you can farm the FATE for more Faire Vouchers to get all the rewards you want.


Your Vouchers can be exchanged with the Moonfire vendor located at the northern part of the Bloodshore island at Costa Del Sol.

Here’s a list of all the available rewards you can get from the Moonfire Faire:

  • Summer’s Flame Hat
  • Summer’s Flame Top
  • Summer’s Flame Wrist Torque
  • Summer’s Flame Pareo
  • Summer’s Flame Sandals
  • Water Bomb Stand

In addition to that, you can also purchase sparklers and celebratory fireworks from the vendor with your Vouchers.

That’s all you need to know about the Moonfire Faire 2020 event in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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