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Fan-Made Video Pays Tribute to Dancing in Video Games

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Fan-Made Video Pays Tribute to Dancing in Video Games

Dancing in video games is great, isn’t it? Remember that moment from Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this year with Cloud in the HoneyBee Inn? This turn-based RPG did not have to go all out and have a dancing, rhythm-focused section, but it did and it was incredible.

Z-Star on YouTube has created a short, but fantastic music video that pays tribute to some of the best dancing scenes in video game history. Including scenes from titles such as Donkey Kong 64, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Persona 5 Royal, and WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

You can watch the video for yourself down below:

Anyone else really want to replay Final Fantasy VII Remake now?

And if you were wondering what that theme music was, it’s the Miror B. battle theme from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, which perfectly fits the tone of the dance-tastic video.

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